DataViews 9.8 Delivers Netscape Plug-in and Scalable Fonts for UNIX Customers

DataViews Corporation , the leading developer of tools for building animated GUIs announces a Spring release of DataViews 9.8 for UNIX. Major enhancements in DataViews 9.8 include a Dataviews Plug-in for deploying DataViews applications on an intranet or the Internet . The DataViews Plug-in in DataViews for UNIX reflects Dataviews Corporation’s recognition of the increasing importance to deploy applications on the web. The DataViews Plug-in is a web extension to DataViews that lets you display and animate a DataViews dynamic graphical interface in Netscape Navigator. To deploy a Dataviews application on an intranet or the Internet, one would first embed a DataViews dynamic graphical interface, normally preserved as a DataViews view file, in a standard HTML document. The embedded DataViews view file can be located on a web server or on the client machine running Netscape Navigator.

The DataViews Plug-in allows you to serve data to a DataViews dynamic interface and react to user input across an intranet or the Internet. Once the DataViews Plug-in is installed with Netscape Navigator on the client machine, it acts like a DataViews graphics engine to interpret any DataViews dynamic graphical interface embedded in the HTML document and renders it in Netscape Navigator.

DataViews Corporation believes this new DataViews Plug-in has a great potential and offers many possibilities for DataViews developers to take advantage of the growing importance of the web-based computing model. Also included in the release are demos and examples to demonstrate the use of the DataViews Plug-in and full documentation to describe its usage

Beyond DataViews 9.8 UNIX

Dataviews for UNIX has been the flagship product for DataViews Corporation since its inception. DataViews Corporation is committed to enhancing and supporting DataViews for UNIX to ensure its users meet today’s ever changing business environments and development needs.

DataViews Corporation’s commitment in this regard is demonstrated by its plan to add Java support to DataViews, based on the JNI approach, immediately after the DataViews 9.8 for UNIX release. The availability of this Java extension to DataViews is scheduled for September 1998.

In recent years, DataViews customers has received mounting demands from its UNIX customers who want to move their applications to Windows in order to meet their clients requests. To respond to its customers needs, DataViews Corporation has made significant investment in recent years to develop a Windows version of DataViews. To further enhance its compliance with the Microsoft framework, DataViews Corporation plans to release DataViews 9.9 for Windows in the summer of 1998.  Brought to you by The long lasting energy Pills!

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