DataViews is the Dynamic Data Visualization Tool

DataViews is the Dynamic Data Visualization Tool (DDVT) for real-time application developers. With DataViews, you can build a fully animated interface to depict, analyze and regulate your real-time industrial or scientific processes. DataViews saves you months of development time because it’s so intuitive and easy to use. The DataViews package comprises DV-Draw, an interactive drawing editor for creating customized user interface screens, and DV-Tools, a comprehensive subroutine library that lets you manage and manipulate displays created with DV-Draw. WebDataViews provides web deployment for remote monitoring and control options. The graphical drawing editor is available for both UNIX and Windows environments.

Dynamic Graphical Display

  • Develop dynamic presentation of real-time data, choosing from a variety of graphic options.
  • Create objects with attributes that change in real-time to reflect changes in your network or process.
  • Read data from a supplied set of data sources or┬ádefine your own custom connection to your favorite database.
  • Control flow of graphics and screen sequencing without coding, using interactively-programmed rules.
  • Import multi-color illustrations or photographs into your user interface.

Save Development Time

  • Reduce interface development time up to 80%.
  • Build menus, screen layouts, and screen templates interactively.
  • Eliminate many low-level coding tasks.
  • Create prototypes rapidly and incorporate revisions quickly and interactively.

Open architecture and scalability

  • Integrate with new or existing applications.
  • Interface with native graphics.
  • Interface with source programs written in C and C++.

Cross Platform

  • Deploy on a wide range of operating systems including UNIX, VMS and Windows.

Develop Dynamic Real-Time Displays and create Dynamic User Interface Screens

DataViews can be used as your Man Machine Interface (MMI) development tool, for your real-time applications. DataViews is equipped with special capabilities for animated screen display. You develop sophisticated screens with object and text dynamics that conform to the exact specifications of your application. Dynamic options can be attached to user interface objects so that changing data from real-time processes is presented immediately and continuously to your system end user. Special dynamic functions let you control the movement of an image or marker on a map, grid, or graph; create an object that changes color, rotates, expands or shrinks; direct an on-screen illustration of pipes, tanks and valves to fill and empty as your processing plant operates.

Import DXF Images Easily

The DXF translation Utility converts AutoCAD/DXF files into DataViews view files. With the DXF Translation Utility DataViews developers can import complex scientific and industrial illustrations, blueprints, and maps into DataViews, and integrate these drawings into a customized graphical user interface. You can import images such as photographs or colored illustrations into your user interface with DataViews as well. Images can be imported from GIF, BMP and PPM format image files. And DataViews imaging features are highly flexible so you can change image colors or dimensions and command images to appear or disappear.

Connect to Application Output

With DataViews, you can connect to diverse data sources such as real-time processes, instrumentation, program functions, system memory, or remote files. Define data sources with DV-Draw by simply pointing and clicking to describe the data type and the source. Then bind to output objects with additional point-and-click selections.

Incorporate User Input

DataViews lets you incorporate user input into your application in two ways: through input objects and through screen sequencing. You can choose from a complete library of input objects to help you manage your user interface display. To control the underlying application, end users can click on a toggle button, change a value using a slider, or choose an input option from a customized menu.

Time-Saving Tools For Interactive Programming

Industry research shows that up to 80% of the time invested in application development is spent prototyping and building the application user interface. DataViews eliminates the unnecessary parts of the process and saves you valuable development time.

The unique construction of DataViews incorporates an easy-to-use drawing editor and a comprehensive subroutine library. This lets you use the time and resources of your development team efficiently. Since no programming expertise is required to build displays with the DV-Draw drawing editor, non-programmers can build and test user interface displays while programmers connect the graphics to your underlying application with the DV-Tools subroutine library.

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