DV-Tools: The DataViews Subroutine Library

The DV-Tools subroutine library lets you fine-tune the input and output displays you’ve created with DV-Draw, and seamlessly connects your interface displays to underlying applications, dynamic data sources, expert systems, or databases.

Your dynamic data application has unique features and requirements. DV-Tools helps you meet those requirements by providing an extensive library of subroutines that gives you complete control over the performance of your user interface. For example, you can read, transform, and rebind application data to your user interface output objects using DV-Tools subroutine calls.

With DV-Tools, you can customize input and output objects such as menus, buttons,and graphs; rebind application data to objects; connect to diverse data sources; mathematically transform incoming data; interface with many hardware and windowing systems; and respond to user input in hundreds of ways.

The broad programming flexibility of DV-Tools compliments the editing ease of DV-Draw so you can tailor your interface to the precise needs of your application.

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