Dynamic ActiveX for Displaying Live Data!

A Powerful Graphics Toolkit for the Visual Basic and Visual C++ Developer

Today’s Windows developers are faced with the challenge of providing solutions for the fast changing demands of the business world. AXViews delivers the tools you need to build real-time, graphical applications by combining the power of a full featured editor and DataViews ActiveX Control.

AXViews lets you interactively add dynamic interfaces for displaying real-time data into Windows or Web- based applications for all industries including process control, network monitoring, transportation, financial, and distributed decision support. Developers can work in Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any integrated development environment to quickly build robust applications shortening the time-to-market. AXViews can be embedded in an HTML page for viewing in Microsoft Internet Explorer allowing the developer to deliver dynamic data interfaces across intranets and over the Web. AXViews offers the following:

  • Support for a wide range of real-time dynamics through a point and click interface.
  • A full-featured development tool, allowing developers to change
    graphical and dynamic features without recompiling the application.

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