The DataViews ActiveX Control

The DataViews ActiveX control displays and animates DataViews views. You can use the control in conjunction with other controls, (as part of your real-time application for displaying and controlling your application in an internet and/or intranet environment,)including standard MFC controls, to create a complete application with minimal coding. While displaying views with the DV-Tools library requires knowledge of the DV-Tools API and the C language, displaying a view with the control requires only that you know your programming environment’s framework, including its language. You do not have the additional challenge of learning the DV-Tools API when you use the control. This means that you can add DataViews views to your application quickly, with a minimum of programming effort and without calling DV-Tools API. The control can be used in a number of programming environments including:

The control has the following features that facilitate integration with your application:

  • The control displays a single view which can be replaced during run-time.
  • You can use multiple controls within a single application to display more than one view at a time.
  • You can set all of the control’s properties with a point and click interface when it is inserted into your application.
  • The view can react to user input (button, key presses, and mouse motions) through control events and methods.
  • You have access to the data contained in the view.
  • Each control can update at regular intervals. A control can also receive an explicit update via a control method.
  • You can embed the control in an HTML document with the <OBJECT> tag. When a control is embedded in a Web document and the user clicks on an object whose name looks like a URL, the name is interpreted as a URL and the control attempts to load that URL. This allows objects in the view to act as hypertext links.

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